Many times we’ve prayed

We’ve desired

And even pictured

A life full of roses

And never thorns

A life of incessant Joy

And seldom pain

A thrilling life only

And never a dark day

Of a truth no man loves hard times

But when you decide to live an uncommon life

When you begin to pursue the road to extraordinary

You begin to see things differently

You welcome what the ordinary man will avoid

You don’t rejoice only in good times

But in tough times as well

For tough times come to make you better and stronger

How many a man appreciates the brightness of the brightest lamp when it’s day?

But when there’s darkness

We do see the brightness of the lamp and admire it

And even praise it

When tough times come

It’s an opportunity to manifest what we are made of

The virtues we’ve acquired for ourselves in our closet are brought forth

And unfolded before men is our true identity;

Even the gold we purchased for ourselves in our closet

A golden identity

Manifesting in fire

Uncanny nature

Exhibiting buoyancy

Telling our story

Revealing the glory

Written By: Gideon Asenso Mensah


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Africa & Beyond, Nationalism

Nkrumah Never Dies

On this day (September, 21) in 1909 a legend was born. A legend who dedicated his life and struggle to the African people. A legend who had a vision and a mission. A vision to see 100s of years ahead of his time. A mission to bring African people together from all parts of the world. To make them believe in themselves and to make them unleash the greatness within them.

A man who lived and died with Africa on his lips. A man who led by example and not words. A man who could think and see ahead of his contemporaries.

A man who went to Prison for his belief in African freedom and self determination. A man who was shot at, and got bombs detonated at just for his belief in African unity.

This was a man who believed in African ingenuity and unity. He saw the potential and greatness of the black race in the contribution to human progress. He saw how the African has been taught to hate himself and to see anything foreign as superior.

But no, he was betrayed by his own African people. They couldn’t see through his visions. They could not see what he was seeing. He tried all his best to make them understand but no, he was doing a cos 90 job . For he was not a man of his generation. His knowledge and foresight was far beyond their understanding.

At last, he was killed by a cancer of betrayal.

And up till this day, more than five decades after he was removed, the people who betrayed him still has no clue as to how to run a nation. They have no clue as to how to generate electricity or issue a passport.

He achieved in 6 years what his betrayers cannot achieve in 50years

This man was Kwame Nkrumah.

And when he died, he had no single property in his name unlike his opponents who built mansions in their colonial master’s countries and saved money in their banks to grow imperial economies.

And despite his death, his ideas and ideals still live on. Let us learn from Nkrumah’s sense of patriotism and self sacrifice and renew our loyalties to the African state and not just the carved out boundaries imposed on us by the colonists.

The torch he lit, shall burn forever because

” Kwame Nkrumah Never Dies”

Written By: Shiraz Nantogma (Afro Prince)

A proud member of KNUST Writer’s Association

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Nobody Knows Tomorrow

Whenever you are dealing with people, always remember there is tomorrow and you might need them tomorrow.

Life is like a moving wheel, sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. Sometimes we destroy the bridges that we might need to help us cross back tomorrow.

Sometimes we treat people as though there is never going to be tomorrow. We sometimes act as though we will never need help from any one. Remember there’s tomorrow.

Joseph helped the cupbearer in prison and later the cupbearer connected Joseph with Pharaoh. Imagine how Portiphar’s wife felt when she heard Joseph was now the Governor of Egypt after she had falsely accused him. The brothers who sold Joseph ended up being fed by him. Don’t ever think of going to the extreme with your offenders, they might be rescuers tomorrow.

The little help you give to people today will profit you tomorrow. For what goes around surely comes around and what a man sows will he definitely reap. Do well to focus on your life and the advancement of the path you’ve chosen to tread on. You might look down upon somebody today; he or she might be the employer who will pay you to make a living. Hesitate not to apologize when you err. Success is a continuum of the connections you establish, those who you meet, those who will turn your life around for the good. You can never do it alone. Somebody needs you and you need somebody.

Be good to the people on your way up the ladder because you’ll meet them on your way down.

There is tomorrow folks!

Written By: Kwabena Nyame Jr.


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Inspirational, Spirituality

He Never Fails!

A sound life
A walk with graces
And Even on roses
Accompanied by the grandeur and fragrance of incessant goodness
And never a reason to dream and consider thorns
Yes thorns
Thorns of frustrations and disappointments
No man prays for

Yet thorny times will surely come
And when they come we do not breakdown and give up
We see an opportunity in it
To manifest the glory of God
And at the end
We have a cause
To sing along the lines of a composer;
If I never had a problem
I will never know my God can solve it
Through it all
I have learnt to trust in Jesus
And I have learnt to trust in God

Why I’m not scared of dark times?
I want to live all my life glorifying God;
For his glory is manifested when tribulations show up
I want to live trusting The Lord Jesus everyday;
I’ve learnt to trust in him in all my tribulations
And in it I see how mighty He is
And how ever loving God, he’s been all my life
And yet I failed to see
Because everything seemed sound
But now I know
He’s the good and powerful God I can’t have enough of

Written By : Kwabena Nyame Jr.


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I’ve learnt to Trust in God

Many times I’ve prayed
I’ve desired
I’ve longed for
I never saw them happen
Perhaps during that time
I was down
And felt disappointed
Even in God

But today when I looked back
There’s a certain joy and gratitude that springs forth from my heart
Not because I’ve seen my prayers answered today
But because God never made them happen
When I imagine what a calamity it could have been getting those prayers and desires fulfilled
I mellow
And bow down
And lift up my voice and say
Lord I thank you.

I thought I knew what I wanted and needed
I thought I could love myself more than you do
I forgot you are the all loving God
You loved me without a cause and unconditionally
I might never have agreed to that
But today , looking back
I’m awed by your love

You never answered those prayers But today
I’m grateful you never did
Today I would have wished they never happened
Today I would still have prayed To you to take them away

Today I’ve got a cause to sing along the lines of a musician
…🎼through it all I’ve learnt to trust in Jesus
Through it all I’ve learnt to trust in God🎸

Written By: Isaac Eli


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I found a thousand bird fly-play in the sky
I admired them all equally
Yet I became stuck to one;
It played differently
It flew not only; it swam also
It’s aerobatics were unique
It veered my attention off all the others
This got me reflecting
I needed a name for it
I ended up calling it value
Yes value!

Nobody saw to admire and appreciate it when it was alone and practicing I believe
This taught me
The virtues we work in our closet
The discipline we give ourselves to
The character we build and form
As hard and too great a discipline it always is
Yet is worth the time and discipline
Time and grace brings out the best in us
Leave it to time; leave it to grace
Give yourself to value
With one thing assured;
Whatever a man sows that shall he reap

This I discovered in God and ever kept me going
Want to know why I read, study, pray, fast, exercise godliness, give myself to building character?
This I found in God ;
Whatever a man Sows he shall reap

Today I’ve got a decision to make
Vast and innumerable they are
Yet I choose this one only
Not because it gives me the greatest relief
But because it will give me the greatest relief

Time will sum up the story one day
Until then,
Pursue God
Go after value
Seek to bless God at peak and impact your world
It’s the reason I live

Written By: Isaac Eli


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