A Fragile Life

Thoughts disorganized
Ever want: occasionally found: never enough
Only this one I pray and that I got
Another time I prayed only this one Lord
And that I ever prayed
Each answer opening is up to more questions and wants
Oh a fragile life

Will we ever get there?
As distanced as we are from our dreams and pursuits
Will we ever get there?
It sounds a message that you need God than ever
Oh a fragile life!

Our best never enough
Until grace’s addition
Our effort ever meaningless until honored by God
Oh a fragile life!
A life that will never do without God

Each day we realize our growth
And our feats
It’s just the sound of life’s alarm;
You need God the more
Oh a fragile life!

The more we draw nigh;
The more we realize how distanced we are
The more we know;
The more we realize we never know
How many hearts are broken and awed by this each day?
Oh a fragile life!

Each sound of victory
Lights an awakening
And drums a vital message;
You need God than ever
Oh a fragile life;
Only God preserves and upholds

Every acknowledgement of grace
And God’s goodness;
When we had become better persons
The more vulnerable we turn to be
Awakening us to the reality that we need God the more each day
A fragile life; A disturbed soul
A pure heart turned coal
Who can hear my cry
Before my tears dry?

Written By: Asamoah Eli



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