About Us

8D Network was established mainly to serve as a brand with a big umbrella that brings together problems recognized in the society under the various structures of operation with the aim of tackling it through quality service by skilled personnel with a give-to-society mindset and heart set.
8D Network exists as a network and hence its peculiarity is hinged on its multi-functional purpose and no one particular function it offers society, unlike many other brands. We keep adding up to our functions as time progresses and demands differ. Presently, we seek to establish and form a formidable house operating under the structures of; Advertisement, Education and Event Organizing.

Company History

8D Network was birthed on January 2018 at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology campus with a 7 member executive in charge of its administration. Prior to the brand recognition, we succeeded in bringing a group of university guys together to organize a Pre-SHS classes during the long semester break period of 2017 academic year in Obuasi. This classes was successful in that it gave the opportunity to impact Pre-SHS students who showed up as well as the offering of internship opportunity for teachers who participated in this and are students from various universities in our country as well. This classes was expanded a year after, under the umbrella of 8D Network this time, to include both Pre-SHS and SHS students as well as an additional venue making two different venues in Obuasi. These classes have attained major successes and impacts.

Company Colours

The colours of 8D Network are black and gold.
Black suggests an absence of light and the presence of chaos. When everything is in chaos and disorder, it is signified by the colour black. When everything is absent, the color black is used also. Black suggests an absence of everything and the presence of everything as well yet disorganized. At times it is seen as the absence of colors and another time the presence and the combination of all colours.
Gold is the colour of the sun. The sun is appreciated most in the midst of darkness. When the sun sets it comes to expel every form of darkness and chaos around. Gold suggests wealth and prosperity. In any major competition in our world, the highest prize any one can attain is gold. Gold communicates the highest and hence the first.

In business, we seek to satisfy a demand. It is about you on one side and your customers or clients on another side. Outside of service to society, there is never a business. The black in our company colours represents customers or society. In the black is a gold colour suggesting gold out of nothingness or chaos, defining our core mission as a brand. As a brand, we seek to satisfy our customers and society with nothing other than quality. We do not quit until we have provided you with the highest and ultimate at all times.