Left Me An Impact

On this day be ye said;

A lucky man I am

The best man I’m not neither the perfect man

Just a man in journeying

Doing my best to live a trace of impact

An impact that will transcend generations

That after my journeying through the earth

I’m not forgotten

Because left me an impact

Impact that will bless lives

Impact that will make a better place for people I may never know

People who will not pay me back

Left me an impact;

An impact to men and an impact to God

Count not myself too important

But just a lucky man

Who has got an opportunity to live life for others

Today I live life

Life that will not abuse the privilege I’m given

A rare privilege I count it for

Oh the lucky man I am

In my studies;

Oh how a lucky man I am

I couldn’t be the best person to do this

Yet I’m given it

I’m going to count it a privilege

And do study as best as I can

Not that I will be paid by man

Nor recognized by my world

But that I may be opportune to live a tangible impact

Blessing lives I might never know

Oh a lucky man I am!

In my job;

Oh a lucky man I am

Privilege to bless humanity

Not because I am the best person

Opportune to live an impact

Blessing lives that I might never know nor ever meet

After my days are over

And rest I in the bosom of the Creator

Oh a lucky man I am!

In my service to men;

Oh a lucky man I am

A privilege to make the world a better place for another

A privilege to help an one fulfill purpose

A privilege to live impact

Blessing men I might never know

And when my journey is over

Left me a trail of goodness

Making the world a better place for another

Oh a lucky man I am

Written By: Asamoah Eli


You’ve Gotta Change

Anyone who enjoys doing the same thing over and over and yet expects a different answer could only be termed foolish. This is why we preach for change.

A man who always preach for change is not quick to adapt, because they are often scapegoat for any dissatisfaction.

Everyone understands the need for change in their progress, yet we never fail to exhibit our character as creatures of habit; enjoying our comfort and will do everything possible to escape uncertainties.

Scepticism is in connection with new ideas. Yes, the past is powerful. What has happened before seems great but perhaps we need a little twist today to make it greater.

Our human psychology consists of many dualities; one that values the essence for organisations and people to change and another who is always irritated and upset by changes when directly affected.

We all know change is necessary and relieve us from boredom but deep inside us all, we might cling to the past. Gone are the days when men depended on communication centres for important calls but now we do them right at our comfort zones.

Gone are the days we journeyed several miles to explore places outside our scope to explore geography under demand and at times out of men’s inquisitiveness to explore knowledge. Evolution of technology has made this a thing of the past also, replacing it with Google maps in our pockets at all times.

Change in the abstract, we desire, but change that upsets core habits and routines are deeply disturbing.

When the masses inevitably yearn for the past experiences in organizations and from individuals, we need to realise the past is just a text which need to safely insert our own lines to suit the change we advocate.

In conclusion, change is inevitably an uncomfortable discipline to master, nevertheless, how fast you excel in life and in any venture is dependent on how quick you respond to change. It is a choice to make; choose right!

Written By: Snr. Emmanuel Adjei


Value Your Own

Wishes carried on a tray

Not long after it fray

Oh God this only one I pray

And it will begin my days of play

Longings in the secrecy of heart

Desires buried in silence land I unearth

And oh the tears of seas

That only God sees

Inside the heart of a gentle soul;

The sheer ecstasies and fallacies in sole

Today I write of

What I had I never valued

One afar I passionately wished for, even another’s

Everything was wrong with mine

Everything was right about what I longed for from afar

Another was lucky to have that

I’m unfortunate for mine

It was beautiful from afar

Unfolding before me was the potency of desire I barely knew of

What seemeth afar drew close

Every nigh and night

My desires serving me as will a knight

What I didn’t know;

The sun’s beauty from afar

Doesn’t make it all beautiful within

From afar we chase

We draw close and we wished for the distance

Hunted by what we were running from

The long embraces of the cyclic pasts

Long enough to forever seem to last

Inside silence is the buried words for a million page book

Today I return to tell a tale

A tale that will leave trails

Setting men to sail

Of the distance deception I reveal

And that I say;

Value your own

Written By: Asamoah Eli


Just Do It

An Aunt’s love for ants

She will never advice except for an ice

Today’s tale began on her pale

It’s a tale I must trail

Today I will sing

And will hope it sink

Today is sunny

Today is warmth

Today I’m strong

I know I could do it today

But I can do it tomorrow also

Why not do it tomorrow?

Today I let go

Tomorrow I shall do it

Tomorrow is not mine to predict

I’ve got to make it today

But a little more sleep I longed

A little more play I prayed

I fail to take opportunity of today

Hoping tomorrow will be today’s synonymous brother

I left it to chance tomorrow

When I had control over it today

I’ve got to worry about tomorrow

I’ve got to fill my mind with anxiety

I left it to chance; I left it to whim

I failed to see that today is the present

And that I can see and control

I should have known

I couldn’t tell it all tomorrow

It might be sunny today

But it might not always be sunny everyday

I am strong today

But I might not be strong tomorrow

Why not do it whilst I’m certain I can?

Today I live

Living to take control whilst I can

Written By: Asamoah Eli

I Just Had Sex

The human mind is a miraculously, wonderfully, weird, complicated-crafted organ with a sophisticated capacity of unveiling mysteries and carrying out greater works. The Creator must have been a nonpareil craftsman.
Nevertheless, the extent to which this organically-engineered organ will function greatly depends on its host. The chemistry behind its operation may vary from person to person; albeit, from a generalized perspective, the power of the human mind is more than incredible.

Great inventors, dead and alive are praised today for their laudable achievements; less said about that, not without the power of the BRAINS behind such impeccable inventions. There be countless ideologies and theories to be considered in the quest to justifying the unparallel abilities of the human mind. These numerous conceptions about the mind include but not limited to the three core entities to be discussed later in this piece:

Self-Actualization, which dates its root from the psychological point of view, specifically in reference to the old-famous Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. According to Maslow, self-actualization represents the holistic progress of an individual towards the fulfillment of a meaningful life. It is the desire to live an accomplishing life, as an individual genuinely realizes his potential. A self-actualized person has a great sense of REALISM. In addition to such a beautiful life, they do not only embrace themselves but warmly accept others.
Who are you?
Where do you originate?
Where are you headed?
What are you capable of?

These questions sum up the whole concept of SELF-ACTUALIZATION

Self-Belief, when one is scrupulously able to realize his potential (self-actualization), the next crucial thing to consider is SELF-BELIEF. We’ve initially seen the power of the human mind; anything you can imagine yourself being or achieving is very possible. You have realized the real YOU, your potentials and the reality surrounding them. It is however important to be highly aware, the mind cannot, will not and can never engineer you to your desirable achievements until you believe IN and INTO yourself. Until this ideology is well conceptualized by an individual, it is once again impossible to actually realize the immeasurable ability of the human mind; much less, it fulfilling one’s desire(s). You become what you think and believe, the mind also becomes a product of what it is fed with. The positive mind will eventually produce positivity and the negative, negativity!

Act Now!, the very last item to consider is to “Act Now”. The veracity to achieving your desires greatly depend on a relentless zeal of acting now! Yea, you’re doing it now and not tomorrow. You only have today, tomorrow cannot be guaranteed. Self-actualized people believe they can make it and they do so in ACTING NOW! You can be the master planner of all time, the smartest of all; however, your failure to act now will outshine the immeasurable ability of the mind. Never forget, you will never see the best in you, how excellent you can be until you realize the real YOU, believing in YOURSELF and making a firm decision to ACT NOW!

Oops, I almost forgot this. In case you really wanna know ‘I just had sex’, damn, it wasn’t me…… I had a silly day eavesdropping a conversation between my dog Snoggy and cat Lotty; Snoggy said, Lotty I just had sex. Hilarious! said Lotty. Oh, my word, I woke up and it was just a dream. Snoggy and Lotty were great characters in my dream. I love the way you’re thinking dear reader 😅

Written By: Yeboah Kankam


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