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Mediocritic Nationalism: “Epidemically Ghanaian”

In a nation where the majority celebrate mediocrity, it is no news when you wake up every morning to feel the breeze of poverty. In this life there are two things; either you’re growing or you’re dying but my dear Ghana has been dead for long. A nation where one’s predicament or downfall is another man’s delight. A nation where the good is seen as ‘bad’ and the bad welcomed as ‘good’.

The Chinese we see flourishing today begun as ‘underdogs’ but now they are overtaking world super powering states. Hard work, the unperturbed desire and savor for knowledge is/are the driving force. Knowledge indeed is power! We have abhorred the good and harbored mediocrity. Nobody seems to place Ghana first; family and friends democratic state has our nation become.
A nation where some leaders would call a spade a big shovel, yes a nation where lies are justified as truth, a nation where people talk anyhow! I mean who does that.
Things which contribute no quota to sustainable national growth and development always becoming a national topic trending on social media.
“M’asoa nsuo asoa nsa, afei nso s3 me hunu 3wo) a, me nnkas3 3sikyire” : translated from Asante Twi (I have tasted water and wine, and I’ll never say it’s honey when is explicitly clear to me what I see is sugar)
We hate to tell the truth, we hate to deliver and we even hate to commit ourselves to our own development; how on earth do we grow with such a ‘cruel’ and lazy behavior.
On a white man’s land we’re always on time at work, some of us (Ghanaians abroad) even report to work hours before their scheduled period; that’s discipline and very ethical isn’t it? Experientially speaking, one funny-irksome situation is when your fellow Ghanaian overseas tells you I’m meeting you at 12pm, you’re sure to see him at 5pm and they have gut to even say it is ‘Ghana Man’s Time'(GMT) but when ‘Akwesi Broni’ (White man) schedules you at 12pm you report at 11am because your instincts retort to you he (White man) will not entertain lateness.
I must say if only 50% of us are able to amalgamate these behavior of discipline and commitment to our work lives, social lives and what have you; in a split of few years Ghana wouldn’t be the same.
I’m at fault, so are you in some way.
I’ll side with Tupac Amaru Shakur in his changes song : “We gotta make a change
It’s time for us as a people to start making some changes
Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live
And let’s change the way we treat each other
You see the old way wasn’t working
So it’s on us to do what we gotta do to survive

Arise mother Ghana and live up the golden moments.


Written By: Yeboah Kankam

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Don’t Trust Your Comfort

So I’ve fallen in love with Stonebwoy and his music recently;
I love his music.
But I decided to know him the more
I felt in love the more
A man of character I admire
I found in him.

Losing the functioning of one leg at quite a tender age can be hurtful undoubtedly
Changing circumstances and plans just to adjust and face the present reality
No doubt it is a hefty task
It sure will make you broken hearted
But that’s what God knows how to do best;
He’s the organizer of life!
When hard times come
He organizes them
When good times come
He organizes them
In all, it is towards our ultimate good.

Hearing Stonebwoy say
I thank God for all I ever went through in life; for those experiences and hard times made me strong
It made me who I am today he said
It gave me a thought
How many people fail to meet their potential in life just because of comfort ?
When we are in comfort, we fail to explore and hence pullout all the potentials and capabilities in us.

But when hard times come
They knock hard and say
Hey man !
This is not you
You are bigger and better than this
There’s so much in you the world is waiting for
There’s a continent you must give hope
There’s a generation you can’t fail.
Ask me how many people ever made it to the top in comfort and I might not get you a name ;
Ask me how many people made it to the top by facing hard and dark times
Give me thousand spaces to fill and I will without struggle fill it all
Good times are great;
But hard times are greater when properly optimized
Comfort is good
But it could be a great deception
Don’t trust your comfort!


Written By: Isaac Eli

Image credit : 360nobs

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Helpers of Destiny

A helper of destiny
Every man will need and needs
As independent as the belly is
Yet will need the buccal cavity to feed it
As independent as the right hand is
Yet can’t wash itself
And will need the left hand’s assistance to wash it
Likewise the left hand will need the right

So is it with men
An independent world
Even an independent life it might seem
Yet we will need another

Oh that old broom tale
My grandma always shared
The broom which in its bid to get the floor clean and tidy
Loses nothing
But rather adds elegance and beauty to itself after all
And we do not admire the beauty of the floor only
We do admire the beauty of the broom also
Beauty in two;
yet one worked

What if men understood this
That we do not men much good than to ourselves
When we pursue to meet their needs
And help achieve another’s dream
We make our lives beautiful also
Remember the old broom’s tale!

A place we agree with the truth
That indeed an one shall conquer a hundred
But a ten shall conquer a thousand

A helper of destiny I am
A helper of my own destiny I become

Written by: Isaac Eli

Image Credit: Activision

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The Quest

Success is not a faculty or a phenomenon of finding valuable things not sought for.
Life is not a game of chance; it is but a game for man to engage his mental faculty, identify his purpose and thus machinate it into reality.

Man’s conception could be accidental or instigated by mistake. Nevertheless, a man’s birth and existence on earth is but for a purpose. Men are born each one for himself according to fate but through ability a greater access is obtained in a world of equal platform; the power to will engineered to aid man achieve his purpose on earth.

Life has got numerous philosophies defining its course. A section believes that riches and achievements result from the law of cause and effect. Others believe and champion the idea of serendipity where everything is actually not sought for; but initiated and established by chance(luck).
Critically speaking, the pursuit of grasping the reality of life centers on two predominant questions: Who Am I and What Am I On Earth for?
Anyone who is not challenged by these two questions has actually not come to the full realisation of the meaning of life.

Who Am I?
Life is likened to a battlefield , where there is a great need for strength and agility at the frontline; thus man’s identity is signified by his strength in battle. The question about who you are (who am I) is a precursor to living a purpose driven life. ‘Who you are’ ascertains the real you, it likewise unleashes where you are originating and where you’re headed. Therefore, to your identity add self-actualization, and to self-actualization, confidence and to confidence, diligence.

What Am I On Earth for?
For when man is able to identify who he is, what lies next is he knowing his purpose of existence. To everyone there is a purpose to fulfill. Much is needed to prove ourselves worthy to complete our course on this earth. Now to passion add focus, to focus, goals and to goals, diligence and understanding to make greater achievements come to pass. Man is not obliged to tell the world of his readiness to strike to make an impact. So like,Nike™: just do it!
Knowing your identity, seeing the greatness in you and efficaciously transforming your ideas into reality sum up the quest for living a purpose driven life

By: Yeboah Kankam

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