Live Your Good Life

Competition in life breeds insecurity. We’re here on earth on different assignments and courses. When we spend our time and energy focusing on others, we miss out on our own paths to our God-given destinies.

The problem with unhealthy competition is that it’s a never ending cycle. There will always be a better somebody. There will always be people ahead of you in life yet you can be the best that you can when you are not competing with anyone.

True competition is one that competes with self to become a better person each day. Focus on yourself! If there is something worth competing for, let it be your own self at all times. Seek to be a better person each day.

Some people are insecure in life because they pay too much attention to others and not their own selves. Take what God has given you; the height, weight and personality and be proud of it. There’s surely a reason for them all. Just live life and enjoy every moment, you’ll look back one day and be proud of who and how you were made. you’ll be blessed by it.

Live your own life. Seek to become a better person each day and become your true and highest self!

Written By: K. Nyame Jnr


So Much To Live For

In the deep

Where everything is dark and quiet

Perhaps unheard

When men birth tales

Tales untold

Tales of great and murmured longings

In the forests of heart

Dying hopes

Unsatisfied longings

Many a need

And ever exceedingly wants

Needs of family

And of love and of life

Just these satisfied needs and life would be eased

And burdens will be lifted

Ohh sheered deceitful hopes Amidst unfazed wishes

We never live to know and accept

Agreeing to it to be fate

What happened to faith?

Like the Inspired word recorded

With your eyes you shall see Canaan

But never your footsteps be buried in its sands

Aspirations against ‘fucked’ reality

Hope against weak thought conceptions

Crushed dreams

Life seemingly presenting the choice of mediocrity

Against wishes and esteems

Who do we run to?

And what do we run for?

Now before me are choices

The choice many make

Perhaps in the wake

Against desires and wishes

A battle rarely won

But against all odds I choose to live Living for hopes and not popes

Against crushed souls and critics

Even pessimists and the tenacious-ridden offs!

On the inside is a blazing glow

Steering us to grow

Making the difference

And in it is a buried confidence

Ohh now I know;

So much to live for!

Written By: Asamoah Eli


The Meaningful Life

A meaningful life is in the freedom to live your own life and not somebody’s life, dreams or aspirations for you. It is easy to fake living; it is easy to try imitating everybody. It is easy to speak the language of every man. It is easy to live life to meet the demands of family, society and the status quo.

There’s nothing special about all that. A meaningful life is in taking the decision not to be like anyone, but your true self.

A meaningful life is one that competes with itself to become a better person each day.

A meaningful life stems out of the freedom to realize true and highest self.

There is never a satisfaction in life outside realizing the real you and becoming the best you can at all times.

It might not be easy; It has never been easy! But let the joy of realizing true satisfaction after you’ve become your true self, drive you to walk that walk.

When you have come to the end of the road, you will have a course to smile as you look back

Live life of your own

Decide to live a meaningful life!

Do not settle for less

Do not live life pleasing others;

There is no honor in that

True honor is realized when you’ve found and lived self!

Live your dreams

Live the meaningful life

And realize true satisfaction

Written By: Asamoah Eli


There Are No Roses Without Thorns

There is no success without failure

There is no learning without mistakes

There is no investment without loss

There is no found without lost

Yet, we have hoped that one day things will be better.

There is no smoke without fire

There is no flood without water

There is no reap without sow

There is no rain without lightening

We should remember that everything has a cause.

There is no love without hate

There is no laughter without tears

There is no courage without fear

There is no light without darkness

In our greatest despair, we should not think of our emotions but use our emotions to think. We should choose love over hate, courage over fear, light over darkness.

There are no roses without thorns is a proverb that should remind us that, no matter how happy we are, there is always some little touch of disappointment.

Written By: Emmanuel Owusu Adjei


Life Puzzles

What we made them believe we are:

What we never were

What we said we are made of:

What never knew us

The battles we claim we fought:

The battles we never saw

What we fell in love with:

Who we didn’t fall in love with

Oh what we think we know:

What we know nought

The answers we seek:

The questions we never asked

The future we dream:

Yet never created

The honor we want:

The submission we never gave

The greatness we aspire:

The seed we never sow

What life offered us:

That we claim we never bargained for

The fruits we reaped:

The seeds we ignorantly sowed

The mistakes of others we mocked:

The victims we ended up to be

The darkness we detest:

It birthing light we love

The weakness we abhor:

The indiscipline we exercised

The puzzles of life we missed:

The knowledge we never pursue

Oh the God we think we know:

The God we know nought

The life we want:

The life we don’t understand

The fame we seek:

The value we failed to recognize!

The success we admire

The wishes we never made happen

When we heard no:

When we failed to interpret it meant not now

Failure meant nothing

We gave up to make it meaningful

The hypocrites we are:

The Angels we present ourselves to be

Another’s weakness we proudly criticize

Our own weakness never any better

A worse sin:

All sins are sins

People we didn’t know:

Their true self we were blind to see

The Angels we sought for:

Our own devils we were

Life’s games:

The fun we missed

The more we want:

The appreciation we never gave

What we want:

What we failed to sacrifice

What we celebrated:

What was not worth it

Our true self:

We never realized

Oh life’s puzzles:

Sheered longings

A murmured longing!

Written By: Asamoah Eli


Image credit: Brian Almeida

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