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A Letter to The African

Dear African

You are independent and strong

You are worthy of shaping your life

You are capable of creating a better future for your progeny

You don’t need the White man’s assistance to be great

You can make it on African soil

You don’t have to be a servant to the white man on his land

Before you return to be a blessing to your people

Dear African

Know that you were not wrong when you called yourself a failure

Neither were you wrong when you said you can make it

Your life’s reflection has been the programming of your thoughts

When you say you can

You actually can

When you say you can’t

You actually can’t

You don’t fail because of your color

You failed because you made your mind believe you will fail

Dear African

The politician is not your friend

He’s selfish and a loot

He care less about you

He care less about how your progeny will live

When he promises you free education

It is to make illiterates out of your children

Oh they intend to crush your future

Returning your descendants to the slave-hood our good grandparents emancipated us from

When he points out something good he wants to give you

It is because he will make a thousand times better of it for himself

A letter to the African mind in quest of liberation

Written By: Asamoah Eli


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Nkrumah Never Dies

On this day (September, 21) in 1909 a legend was born. A legend who dedicated his life and struggle to the African people. A legend who had a vision and a mission. A vision to see 100s of years ahead of his time. A mission to bring African people together from all parts of the world. To make them believe in themselves and to make them unleash the greatness within them.

A man who lived and died with Africa on his lips. A man who led by example and not words. A man who could think and see ahead of his contemporaries.

A man who went to Prison for his belief in African freedom and self determination. A man who was shot at, and got bombs detonated at just for his belief in African unity.

This was a man who believed in African ingenuity and unity. He saw the potential and greatness of the black race in the contribution to human progress. He saw how the African has been taught to hate himself and to see anything foreign as superior.

But no, he was betrayed by his own African people. They couldn’t see through his visions. They could not see what he was seeing. He tried all his best to make them understand but no, he was doing a cos 90 job . For he was not a man of his generation. His knowledge and foresight was far beyond their understanding.

At last, he was killed by a cancer of betrayal.

And up till this day, more than five decades after he was removed, the people who betrayed him still has no clue as to how to run a nation. They have no clue as to how to generate electricity or issue a passport.

He achieved in 6 years what his betrayers cannot achieve in 50years

This man was Kwame Nkrumah.

And when he died, he had no single property in his name unlike his opponents who built mansions in their colonial master’s countries and saved money in their banks to grow imperial economies.

And despite his death, his ideas and ideals still live on. Let us learn from Nkrumah’s sense of patriotism and self sacrifice and renew our loyalties to the African state and not just the carved out boundaries imposed on us by the colonists.

The torch he lit, shall burn forever because

” Kwame Nkrumah Never Dies”

Written By: Shiraz Nantogma (Afro Prince)

A proud member of KNUST Writer’s Association

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The Place We Call Home

Mama Africa can vehemently boast of her nonpareil natural and mineral resources. She has learned inhabitants who can effect a positive change, a strong human resource capable of capitalizing on their technical know-how and strength to ensure a fast forwarding Africa. But when will that be? A question that the African Map does asks in ages past. Just take a look at the African map, you’ll visualize explicitly.
Oops, enough said; coming to my very own.
I may not know a lot about neighboring countries and those which are several miles away from Ghana my motherland. I will from a pure heart, with a sound mind and a clear conscience address my very own…. GHANA. I know this might irritate some folks but for once let’s the embrace reality, reality again I say we must embrace.
Testing mic 1 2 1 2…all is set; let’s get rolling in the deep.

I begin with the little geography Prof. once taught me in Kumasi High School.
Somewhere in Africa, along the Gulf of Guinea, just a few degrees north the equator lies the place we call HOME; yes, it’s Ghana our motherland.

Growing up in such a serene, an evergreen environment, a place so pure, so rich, so nice, so much adorable like a queen adorned with pearls made of the finest gold, self -branded with peace unperturbed will forever be one unforgettable experience of mine.

Red, Gold(yellow), Green are my favorite colors and of course the black star will forever be the hope of Africa. Mother nature had been very fair to us in ages past, what an indescribable and unmerited favour.
Our forefathers toiled and shed their blood for our sake; hoping their unprecedented laboring would never be in vain. Caring so much about us, they, in a way laid down for us series of foolproof formulas(attitude, diligence and composure) to becoming a great nation but we refuse to decipher, what a misery.

Now, it saddens my heart when mother nature comes puzzling and questioning us on how disappointing we have been. Turn to the north, to the south, to the east and to the west, what do we see? All we can boast of is failure and disappointment. Are our dreams of living in the golden age shattered? Well, this multi-million-dollar question is left unto you and I.

Up and down the streets you see Maame Akua and Maame Mansah running helter-skelter, hawking their smoked fish. They have become ‘family men’ because Opanin Mensah and Agya Nimo are jobless, provision for the family has become a nightmare and not to talk about the payment of fees and utility bills which leaves them a headache.

Kofi Mensah the young graduate feels disappointed and feels life is not worth living because there is an infinitesimal hope of having his dream job, his dream car and even his dream mansion. Is this our chosen way of life or the life intended for us to live? Such a life is what Citizen Kwame describes as absolute quandary.

Jobs are collapsing, education is falling apart, inadequate health care delivery and the most devastating of all is having unmeasured energy resources (hydro, thermal, solar etc.) but we continually experience what we proudly call “DUMSOR”. The fellow countrymen in long black coats who should care for the ordinary man habitually amass wealth for themselves unceasingly. And you call it servitude; That’s corruption and cheat at its peak. Mother Ghana, arise and take up a new challenge!

Our expertise now is to heap a mouth full criticisms on government thinking that he has failed but quickly we forget that the government is you and I (us). Are we not ashamed? We all have our roles to play.

University graduates are so eager to working in top-notch offices, fully air conditioned. Well that is good though, it’s a great ambition. Nevertheless you want to become bosses and enjoy huge salaries overnight, how quickly do you forget that Rome was not built in a day? Humble yourself, read wide and explore. When you believe, you can achieve.
Mr. University graduate, why not begin something on your own if there are no jobs, if there is no hope to finding one. If there are no jobs, create one! Make an impact in the society, you shall be remembered for that.

And now to you Mr. Politician, you go about deceiving the ordinary man with your palatable words and when you are brought to power, all you think about is your belly and your family. You cease not amassing wealth for yourself, buying flashy cars and luxurious mansions with the tax payers’ money. You must be ruthless, this is inhumanity at the highest order.

To you Professors and lecturers out there parasiting a host of students(females students especially) in the name of higher marks and GPAs, God is watching you! Leave peoples’ girlfriends and future wives alone. Aren’t your wives good and satisfying enough!
And to you the director of that public and private company, you can’t resist chasing after those poor little girls, hopping from one ‘chick’ to another before giving them jobs, squandering the tax payers’ money on so-called girlfriends, yet you refuse to give your wife Maame Esi housekeeping money. You must be heartless.

Now, to you the young man out there , why not make some investment and abhor the wastage of money on pizza, women, expensive sneakers and phones. Shape your future with your investments and savings. Banking halls are not erected for side attraction, they are meant for business in case you forgot.
My sister out there if you claim that what men can do women can do better, so be it then and we shall be fine.

Fellow Ghanaians, countrymen, young and old and to the unborn generation this is the time for renaissance, a rebirth of our nation to live in the golden age. We need no long story for the way forward is positive and feasible. The economic forecast for the coming decade can be changed for the better to look more promising. Education and schooling must change for the better. Together we can! Daring to make a change, we need a new revolution, thus we’ve got to change our way of thinking, this is the first step in our quest for solution.

Our greatest asset is neither our mineral deposits, our monies nor our certificates. You know what, our greatest asset is our mind. We can never afford to let go waste and unexploited.

Fellow Ghanaians it’s time to make a great impact!

By:Yeboah Kankam


©All Rights Reserved

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Mediocritic Nationalism: “Epidemically Ghanaian”

In a nation where the majority celebrate mediocrity, it is no news when you wake up every morning to feel the breeze of poverty. In this life there are two things; either you’re growing or you’re dying but my dear Ghana has been dead for long. A nation where one’s predicament or downfall is another man’s delight. A nation where the good is seen as ‘bad’ and the bad welcomed as ‘good’.

The Chinese we see flourishing today begun as ‘underdogs’ but now they are overtaking world super powering states. Hard work, the unperturbed desire and savor for knowledge is/are the driving force. Knowledge indeed is power! We have abhorred the good and harbored mediocrity. Nobody seems to place Ghana first; family and friends democratic state has our nation become.
A nation where some leaders would call a spade a big shovel, yes a nation where lies are justified as truth, a nation where people talk anyhow! I mean who does that.
Things which contribute no quota to sustainable national growth and development always becoming a national topic trending on social media.
“M’asoa nsuo asoa nsa, afei nso s3 me hunu 3wo) a, me nnkas3 3sikyire” : translated from Asante Twi (I have tasted water and wine, and I’ll never say it’s honey when is explicitly clear to me what I see is sugar)
We hate to tell the truth, we hate to deliver and we even hate to commit ourselves to our own development; how on earth do we grow with such a ‘cruel’ and lazy behavior.
On a white man’s land we’re always on time at work, some of us (Ghanaians abroad) even report to work hours before their scheduled period; that’s discipline and very ethical isn’t it? Experientially speaking, one funny-irksome situation is when your fellow Ghanaian overseas tells you I’m meeting you at 12pm, you’re sure to see him at 5pm and they have gut to even say it is ‘Ghana Man’s Time'(GMT) but when ‘Akwesi Broni’ (White man) schedules you at 12pm you report at 11am because your instincts retort to you he (White man) will not entertain lateness.
I must say if only 50% of us are able to amalgamate these behavior of discipline and commitment to our work lives, social lives and what have you; in a split of few years Ghana wouldn’t be the same.
I’m at fault, so are you in some way.
I’ll side with Tupac Amaru Shakur in his changes song : “We gotta make a change
It’s time for us as a people to start making some changes
Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live
And let’s change the way we treat each other
You see the old way wasn’t working
So it’s on us to do what we gotta do to survive

Arise mother Ghana and live up the golden moments.


Written By: Yeboah Kankam

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